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Hi, I’m Alisha! Welcome to WholeMade Homestead. Here is where my family and I love to share our favorite homemade recipes, the simple ways we live a slower, more natural lifestyle and our experiences and advice for running a small-scale, self sufficient homestead.

I’m a country-lovin’ girl at heart. I was born in Kansas but my family’s life took us across the nation, living in multiple states and even Canada. Can you say eh? After years of living in suburbia – working in a corporate office, running from activity to activity, always busy with some event – my family decided to return to their roots and buy a farm in a small town in Ohio. And so began the beautiful dream of a homesteading lifestyle that greatly influenced my husband and I’s choices today.

My husband Matthew and I knew we wanted a simple, peaceful existence away from the hustle and bustle of city life where there would be meaning and freedom. God opened the door to a home in a small country town where we began to plant our roots and learn how to become homesteaders. Today, we are in the thick of it, learning to garden, raise chickens, plant seeds, make wholesome, from scratch meals, create homemade products and lead a self sufficient life. 

This blog was created for those who have a passion to lead a beautiful, homesteading lifestyle. Don’t worry, you do not have to live on a farm or own hundreds of acres to homestead. Do you have a backyard with a quarter of an acre of land? 1 acre? 3 acres? Where you are at is perfect. Join me and my family as we pioneer the homestead life and learn to grow our own food and live more simply on the WholeMade Homestead.

Fun Facts

I have lived in four states and two countries.

I have two dogs named Rodeo and Wyatt. They are brothers who love to hunt, dig and explore my parents barn for critters.

During my free time you'll find me reading a book, working on a craft or learning a new hobby.

I am a fermented food fanatic and am all about gut health.

I went to college to become a graphic designer.

I have a passion for making homemade ice cream.

I’ve never seen mountains and one day hope to visit the beautiful states of Montana, Idaho or Colorado.

I love gardening, hiking and being outdoor in nature.

Hi! I'm Alisha.

Welcome to WholeMade Homestead! I'm so glad you're here! Follow along to discover nourishing recipes, ways to live naturally and tips for living the simple homestead life.

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