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Learn why planting a garden and growing wholesome food can benefit more than just your health and pocketbook with these top five benefits of gardening.

I have a confession to make. 

I used to dislike gardening. There, I said it.

The thought of the time put into planting, watering and weeding lacked appeal. Why not grab food from the local grocery store? The market had everything I needed:

Carrots. Check.

Eggs. Check.

Milk. Got it.

Lettuce. Double check.

Apples. Yep.

The grocery store may have had everything on my list but the food lacked sustenance. It was there to only fill our bellies.

I craved more. More nutrients. More flavor. More knowledge of where and how our food was grown. And definitely less trips to the grocery store. 

Gardening was the answer. And the start to living an enriching homestead life.

Why Grow Your Own Food?

1. It’s Healthier

The first and probably the most obvious benefit of gardening is that growing your own food is healthier. When you plant a garden you can decide what types of seeds you grow – organic, non gmo, heirloom, hybrid and open-pollinated. You also have control over what goes into the soil and what is sprayed on your plants such as fertilizers, pesticides or even sanitization chemicals that grocery stores can use. Not only will you feel better eating veggies or fruits from your own garden but your crops will be rich in nutrients and minerals. And that is great for supporting a healthy gut and immune system.

2. Saves Money

Generally, growing your own food saves you a boodle of money. Yes, you have to purchase seeds and gardening supplies such as tools, containers and dirt but if you compare that to the cost of buying organic veggies in the grocery store, you will be saving a lot. Plus think of the cost savings of gasoline when you make less trips to the market because you already have a produce isle right in your own backyard.

3. Increases Self-Sufficiency

Having extra food on hand, thanks to your garden can come in handy in a small or large crisis. Lost power due to a storm? Financial emergency? Unexpected world pandemic? Car in the shop for repairs? Whatever the situation, having additional food in your pantry will help carry you through so you don’t have to rely on a trip to the grocery store.

4. Rewarding

There is something so satisfying about growing your own food. You plant the seeds, nurture them as they grow and harvest them with your own two hands. And come suppertime those veggies in your soup or the green beans on your plate, you can say “I grew those!”. How rewarding! 

5. It Tastes Better

In the dead of winter when fresh picked tomatoes from the garden are no where in sight, I end up at the grocery store craving a ripe tomato to top my salad. I often end up purchasing a box of cherry tomatoes. But looks can be deceiving. As bright as those cute little cherry tomatoes appear, the flavor and sweetness is missing. While I am very thankful to have organic produce available at the store, nothing can compare to those homegrown veggies and fruits. Imagine a plump, juicy, ripe tomato freshly picked from your garden sliced up to top your BLT. Mouth watering deliciousness. 

Now is the perfect time to start your garden. Do you have a backyard with a quarter of an acre of land? 1 acre? 3 acres? Or maybe just a small patio outside your apartment? Where you are at is perfect. Everyone can grow something, no matter where they live. 

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