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Making probiotic-rich soda at home is easy and fun! In this FREE guide, learn the ins and outs of making fizzy drinks using only simple, all-natural ingredients. Get recipes for gut healthy whey sodas, bubbly juices, lemonades and other cultured carbonated drinks. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post to grab your FREE digital booklet.

No whey! You can make probiotic soda at home?

That is what I thought when I first learned you could use whey to create cultured food. Sure, I had heard of water kefir and kombucha but both of those required that I purchase another starter culture. I already had plenty of whey from my kefir and yogurt making, so I figured I’d give whey soda a whirl.

After the first few bottles, I was hooked. I found it fascinating that a simple half cup of whey could transform a bottle of juice into a carbonated beverage teeming with nutrients that our modern lifestyles were so desperately missing. With the basics down, I began experimenting with new flavors and combinations. My husband was more than pleased to come home to a new concoction to try.

With this new found favorite, I wanted to share with my fellow friends the ever so delicious and healthy benefits of whey soda (aka kefir soda). Following a year of testing, tasting and trialing fermented beverages, I am pleased to share with you an entire books-worth of recipes. This guide is packed full of recipes to help support a healthy digestive system. Each one uses only real, natural ingredients and is incredibly hydrating on those hot summer days. Flip through the book to find 15 recipes for whey soda plus 2 bonus recipes for classic soda fountain favorites. You can download a copy of the book for free at the bottom of this article.

What is Whey Soda?

One of the easiest fermented drinks to make is a whey soda. Whey soda is a bubbly, probiotic rich drink that is flavored with either juice, a sweetener, extracts or fresh fruit. To harness the power of the probiotics in whey, simply strain the whey out of milk kefir or even plain yogurt with live cultures. Then stir it into juice or a sugar water mixture and the bacteria in the whey will convert the sugar into lactic acid, creating a tasty fermented drink full of nutrition. No soda machine required!

Is Whey a Good Source for Probiotics?

Yes, as long as you strain is from a source that has live, active cultures, such as in homemade kefir or yogurt. Transform the whey into a whey-based beverage to create a fabulous electrolyte drink full of probiotics, minerals and enzymes.

How Do You Make a Probiotic Soda at Home?

To make homemade probiotic soda, you will need 3 basic ingredients. Whey with live cultures, a sweetener such as organic sugar, honey, agave or 100% juice and a flavoring in the form of fruit, fruit juice or an extract. Paired together, these ingredients will create a refreshing, probiotic-rich soda. Scroll to the bottom of this page to download the free eBook with 17 recipes for making gut healthy soda.

Fermented Drink Benefits

Every whey soda recipe is packed full of terrific health benefits. Here are a few reasons to begin drinking these homemade probiotic beverages.

  • Wonderful electrolyte drink
  • A great way to hydrate the body after intense physical labor
  • Much more healthy than regular soda
  • Whey soda helps to maintain a healthy microbiome
  • Each sip is full of minerals, enzymes, healthy acids and yeasts
  • Many of the recipes also contain prebiotics (to feed the good bacteria in your gut)

Fermented Drink Recipes

In this free eBook you’ll find 17 fermented drink recipes for:

  • Fruit punch
  • Piña colada
  • Sugar free grape soda
  • Strawberry soda made with real fruit
  • Peach tea
  • Blueberry lemonade
  • Homemade root beer
  • Pumpkin cider
  • And many more delicious fermented drinks for gut health

17 Whey Soda Recipes

When I think of food — what I am eating and where I am sourcing it from, I like to think of a quote from Joel Salatin.

The shorter the chain between raw food and fork, the fresher it is and the more transparent the system is.”

Transparency is important. I want to know what I am putting into my body. Will it bring wellness to gut? Will it heal my microbiome? Will it improve the gut-brain connection?

If you want to take charge of your health by knowing what is in your food and consuming sustenance that encourages wellness, then this digital recipe book is for you! Get those probiotics into your diet. Start making tasty drinks!

In this free recipe book, you’ll discover:

  • 17 probiotic beverage recipes
  • Beginner’s guide to make probiotic sodas
  • Step by step instructions on how to make whey soda and other delicious fermented beverages
  • Detailed supply list for the best tools to make fermented drinks
  • Tips, tricks and troubleshooting
  • Full color photos for every recipe
  • How to improve gut health
  • Sugar free drink recipes
  • Whey lemonade
  • Classic soda flavors
  • Seasonal drink recipes for spring, summer and fall

Homemade Probiotic Drinks

In this 28-page digital book, you’ll find everything you need to start making cultured drinks at home. To download the free book, simply scroll to the bottom of this page, enter your name and email into the form and you will immediately receive the digital booklet. The eBook can be read on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Or feel free to print a copy so that you can easily access your favorite recipes whenever you want.

Download Soda Recipe Ebook

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