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Add a little farmhouse charm to your home by creating a simple kitchen tea towel with this easy-to-follow tutorial and FREE SVG file.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post to grab your FREE SVG file.

farmhouse kitchen tea towel

It’s the little things in life that can bring such joy.

Like finding that antique buffet you wanted for a long time, just a few towns over, priced at an incredibly reasonable price.

Or mastering a new bread recipe and you can’t wait to share the delicious results with others.

These things just tickle me with delight.

The same thing could be said about decorating my home. I love the antique, vintage style. But finding just the right item for a specific spot takes time. It usually isn’t done in an instant and sometimes it can take a while to complete. And that’s okay. There is beauty in waiting.

When you finally stumble upon that decorative piece that fits so well in your home, you enjoy it even more than you would have if you had gotten it immediately.

An easy and usually more budget friendly way to decorate your home is to get crafty! Sew a throw pillow. Print out vintage art and place it in an antique frame you found at a garage sale. Create a wreath with dried flowers or herbs you grew in your garden. Or use some old barn boards and industrial piping to construct shelving. 

Another way to decorate your farmhouse is with a beautiful tea towel. Hung up in your kitchen, bathroom or over the rung of an old ladder will add a touch of charm to your home. No need to buy one, create it yourself with a Cricut cutting machine.

I designed this tea towel SVG, specifically for homesteaders. And the best part about it is, it’s free! All you need is a flour sack towel or some cotton material. Simply download the free SVG file, cut and adhere to your towel. You can grab the file at the bottom of this page.

Don’t have a Cricut machine? You could use a Silhouette or even print this file out to be used on cards, binders and more. It’s great to use to decorate your homestead or give as a gift to friends or family. 

How to Make a Tea Towel Using Your Cricut


Cricut machine
Flour sack tea towel
Black iron-on vinyl
Green cutting mat
Weeding tool
Parchment paper
Free SVG file (download at the bottom of this post)

Directions to Create a Tea Towel Craft

cricut design space

Upload the SVG file to Cricut Design Space. Weld and resize the image to your liking. Click “make it”. Select the “mirror” option and the “material size”. If you do not turn the mirror option on, your image will be backwards once transferred to your tea towel.


I have a Cricut Explore, so I set the dial to iron-on. For the Cricut Maker and Joy, follow the instructions within Design Space. Cut out the iron-on vinyl and place on the green Cricut mat, shiny side down. Load the mat into your machine and hit the “go” button.

weeding vinyl iron

Once the Cricut is finished cutting out the design, remove from the mat and begin weeding.

iron on vinyl

Heat up your EasyPress or iron to 300° F. Place your tea towel on top of a thick bath towel or an EasyPress mat. Preheat the tea towel for 5 seconds. Position the design where you would like it to be on the towel. I centered it but you can place it wherever you think it looks best. Make sure the iron-on is face down with the plastic carrier liner side up. Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of the iron-on. I find this helps prevent the carrier sheet from sticking to the iron.  Using the EasyPress iron, press with firm pressure for 15 seconds. Flip the towel over and press for another 15 seconds.

securing iron on

If desired, use the scraper tool to gently push the design onto the towel. I find this helps all of those little letters and small pieces to adhere to the towel. Slowing remove the liner when it is still warm to the touch.

Care Instructions for Your Kitchen Tea Towel

This tea towel is meant to be decorative. But if you plan to use it to dry your hands or wipe up messes, avoid staining foods such as tomato sauce or oil. I’d highly recommend reading the instructions on the back of your iron-on tube for exact washing and drying details.

Other Ideas For This Free Farmhouse SVG

Would you rather use this farmhouse SVG file for something other than a tea towel? There are dozens of ways you can use this free design to decorate your farmhouse or homestead. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add it to a t-shirt
  • Mug
  • Pillow
  • Card
  • Farmhouse sign
  • Binder or album
  • Hat
  • Tote bag
  • Planter

Don’t have a Cricut? This free download includes an SVG, JPG and PNG file. Try using it on your Silhouette or even your home printer.

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