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Find unique gifts for homesteaders inside this homesteaders gift guide! With over 90 gift ideas, there is something for everyone — for gardeners, animal lovers, bakers, builders, homemakers, kids and more!

on a wooden table sits a card, gold ribbon and a Christmas gift

The Christmas season is just around the corner. Which means delicious food, holiday baking, celebrating our savior, listening to Christmas music, family gatherings and giving gifts to loved ones — at least those are some of our favorite traditions at WholeMade Homestead.

Are you a fellow homesteader? Or do you know someone who enjoys living a simple, more natural lifestyle? Now is the perfect time to make or purchase all those gifts for homesteaders. 

This season I have put together a holiday gift guide with over 90 Christmas gifts for homesteaders. But this isn’t just your run of the mill gift list. I’ve complied a list of items that we ACTUALLY use on our homestead. Each product we have used and tested faithfully, whether it is a handy homestead gadget to help us be more efficient in the garden or a kitchen tool that makes cooking meals from scratch just a bit easier. Every single item is well loved and a perfect gift for self-sufficient living.

90+ Gift Ideas for Homesteaders

Whether you’re looking for gifts for home canners, gardeners, bakers, homemakers or gift ideas for ranchers or livestock farmers, I have got a comprehensive list of homesteader gift ideas for you within this gift guide!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. In any case, I only link to products we actually use on our homestead and that I believe can truly benefit to you. See my full disclosure here

10 kitchen gifts featuring a stone mill, a cast iron skillet, a dutch oven, an apple peeler and a dehydrator

Gifts for the Kitchen

No homestead is complete without a working kitchen. Here are our 10 ten favorite kitchen gadgets for baking, cooking and preserving.

  1. Grind your own grains to make delicious homemade bread with a stone grain mill from Mockmill.
  2. A Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is our pan of choice for frying and sautéing meats and veggies.
  3. Improve gut health with a Masontops Fermentation Kit.
  4. Gallon Glass Storage Jars and Lids are great for storing oats, beans, lentils and other dried goods.
  5. Preserve the harvest with a Dehydrator.
  6. A Dutch Oven is excellent for making artisan bread or a hearty soup.
  7. Make lift a bit easier with a Mason Jar Opener.
  8. Make meal prep simple with Souper Cubes.
  9. Peel, core and slice any variety of apple with this Apple Peeler.
  10. Easily make homemade pasta with a Kitchen Aid 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter.

10 gardening gifts featuring a garden book, a vest, a set of gloves and a planner

Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Gardening is at the heart of homesteading. Make growing food fun and a bit easier with these ideas.

  1. Effortlessly dig through mulch and dirt with a Japanese Hand Hoe.
  2. Four Season Harvest is a must have for any serious gardener.
  3. Start growing seeds with Winstrip Trays.
  4. Grow food year around with a Sprouts Kit.
  5. Enjoy growing veggies, fruit, herbs or flowers in a Greenstalk Gardening Tower.
  6. Make composting simple with a copy of the Compost Everything Book.
  7. Begin growing seeds indoors with a Seedling Heat Mat.
  8. Protect your hands with a pair of full length Gardening Gloves.
  9. Get more done with a Women’s Gardening Vest.
  10. Get the most out of your garden with a Gardening Planner.

10 different gift ideas for animals including a heated bed with a cat on it, a gift card to meyer hatchery and a stack of personalized dog collars

Gifts for Animal Lovers

Cats, dogs, chickens, oh my! In this gift guide discover some of the best gifts for homesteaders and animal lovers alike.

  1. Keep pests out of your feed with an Automatic Metal Treadle Chicken Feeder.
  2. The Homesteader’s Natural Chicken Keeping Handbook is a must have for anyone with chickens.
  3. Don’t overwork yourself! Catch high-speed chickens, ducks, lambs or baby goats with an Ez Catch Net from Premier 1.
  4. Meyer Hatchery Gift Card is the easy gift for all those chicken lovin’ ladies in your life.
  5. A Poultry Hook makes snagging “escapees” aka chickens a breeze. 
  6. Add an extra special touch to farm fresh eggs with these Personalized Egg Carton Stickers.
  7. Memory Foam Pet Bed are so comfy — or at least that is what our pups think.
  8. A Personalized Collar is an excellent way to identify a family pet should it get lost.
  9. Dog Collar Light for Nighttime is super handy.
  10. Outdoor Heated Pet Pad helps your animals stay warm on cold nights.

10 home decor ideas for christmas gifts including a blue blanket, glass storage containers and a wooden cutting board

Home Gift Ideas

No matter where you live — a farmhouse, an urban homestead, a small town rental or a large lot in the country, these gifts will clean, beautify and make your home more enjoyable.

  1. Save money on laundry with a Wooden Drying Rack.
  2. Keep the house clean with these Glass Spray Bottles.
  3. Skip the toxic paraffin candles, give a DIY Beeswax Candle instead.
  4. Moisturize dry air with a Cast Iron Wood Stove Steamer.
  5. Keep the home warm with this Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan.
  6. Embrace the homestead life with a Vintage Landscape Painting.
  7. Sherpa Plush Throw Blanket keeps us super cozy through the cold winter months.
  8. Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser is are go-to for making homemade soap.
  9. Glass Storage Containers are as beautiful as they are handy.
  10. Every homestead needs a Decorative Cutting Board hung in their kitchen.

infographic displaying natural living products including soap, lotion, herbal tea and magazine subscription to willow and sage

Gift Ideas for Natural Living

Those seeking to remove toxins from their lives may enjoy these natural gifts, using wholesome ingredients, herbs and essential oils.

  1. Get a friend or family member a Willow & Sage Magazine Subscription.
  2. Bramble Berry Gift Card is excellent for crafters!
  3. A Soap Making Mold Kit makes homemade body products easy to do.
  4. Plant Therapy Essential Oils is our go-to EO brand.
  5. Grass Fed Tallow Soap is excellent for natural skincare.
  6. Hydrate and protect with Natural Whipped Body Butter.
  7. Drink a cup of Nourishing Roots Herbal Tea.
  8. The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion is an amazing guide for those seeking a natural, homesteading lifestyle.
  9. Stay well this winter with a DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit.
  10. Improve health with a jar of Good Night Magnesium Lotion.

10 different book covers featured as gifts for readers

Gifts for the Homestead Library

Part of being a homesteader is continually learning a new skill or obtaining knowledge on a topic. Any of these books would make a great addition to the home library.

  1. The Big Book of Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home is full of fun, herbal infused do-it-yourself project ideas.
  2. Simple Farmhouse Life: DIY Projects for the All-Natural Handmade Home is a great gift for the homestead wife.
  3. The Beginner’s Guide to Dehydrating Food needs to be on every homesteader’s book shelf.
  4. Folks This Ain’t Normal is a fun, feisty read!
  5. Naturally Sweet Food in Jars is perfect for every home canner.
  6. My Weakness for His Strength is my all-time favorite devotional.
  7. Learn to mill your own flour with a copy of The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book.
  8. Little House Living is jam packed full of frugal advice, recipes and crafting ideas.
  9. Discover how to create probiotic foods at home with Fermented Vegetables.
  10. Everything Worth Preserving is a must have.

graphic featuring gift ideas for tools. imagery includes saw, raised garden bed and saw

Best Tool Gift Ideas for Homesteading

These gadgets are sure to be at the top of any homestead wishlist. Check out this gift guide for the best tool ideas!

  1. Haul practically anything with a Gardening Cart.
  2. Stihl Handheld Garden Pruner makes property maintenance a breeze.
  3. Brighten any situation with a Coleman LED Flashlight.
  4. Light up the night with this Enbrighten Lantern.
  5. Leatherman Multitool gets the job done.
  6. Cedar Gardening Bed makes gardening simple.
  7. Keep preserved food moisture-free with a Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer.
  8. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System, a homesteading companion.
  9. Miter Saw is a homesteader’s best friend.
  10. Cut through tough bones or fresh caught game with a Hunting Saw.

collection of gift ideas for children featuring 10 different ideas such as a tool set, rain boots and a sewing book

Gifts for Kids (aka Kidsteaders)

Homesteading kids will love any of these gifts. Each item is hand picked to help them do jobs in and around the home while still having loads of fun.

  1. Cultivate a new skill with the book Maker Camp: Heritage Crafts and Skill-Building Projects.
  2. Le Petit Chef Peeler allows little hands to help in the kitchen.
  3. Empower the next home cook with a set of Jr Knives for Baking and Cooking.
  4. Hand-Crank Drill With Bits is made for littles to help around the homestead.
  5. 10-Piece Tool Set makes kids feel all grown up.
  6. Kids love Harmonicas!
  7. Nurture your little seamstress with Get Quilting with Angela & Cloe: 14 Projects for Kids to Sew.
  8. Haul it all in a Stanley Jr. Wheelbarrow.
  9. Keep feet clean and dry with a pair of Easy-On Rain Boots.
  10. Wooden Carrot Harvest Toy for Toddlers will sow a seed for the love of gardening.

catalog page featuring hats, boots and outdoor apparel

Homestead Gear & Apparel

Get the job done right with these essential tools and quality apparel to keep you warm, dry and productive.

  1. Keep feet supported and comfortable in a pair of Ariat Fatbaby Western Boots.
  2. Duluth Leather Bag is great rugged-looking bag for a day at the office.
  3. Garden in style with Duluth Overalls.
  4. Stay warm with a Cable-Knit Winter Hat.
  5. Remain hydrated on and off the homestead with a Yeti Water Bottle.
  6. Men want a Heavy Duty Rain Coat to stay dry!
  7. Men’s Outdoor Hiking and Work Boot is great for gardening, hauling bales of straw or taking care of livestock.
  8. Women’s Deck Boot are not only cute but very practical.
  9. Make a man in your life happy with a Personalized Leather Wallet.
  10. Every homesteader needs a Flannel-Lined Barn Coat.

handmade gift making supplies featuring thread, dried florals, fabric and scissors

Homemade Gift Ideas

Searching for a gift that you can make by hand? Homemade gifts are the best! Check out my FREE eBook (aka holiday gift guide), “From the Heart” to discover 22 creative project ideas for handmade Christmas gifts.

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